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Weekly show on spirituality and metaphysics, hosted by Kim Polinder. Interviews with experts on topics such as psychics, acupuncture, astrology, and various energy healing modalities.
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Mar 21, 2017

Episode 30: This week's episode focuses on the different types of psychic children, and what their purpose is here on the planet. Kim interviews counselor and author, Nikki Patillo, who specializes in guidance for children with psychic gifts. Nikki talks about the different distinctions between indigo, rainbow and crystal children. She also gives advice for parents of gifted children, as well as her own experiences that have led her to be a respected and valued resource for parents and children alike.

Nikki Patillo grew up in coastal Texas, and started her career as a clinical and molecular biologist. Her own psychic experiences as a child led her to the work she now does counseling adults and children having their own spiritual experiences. She teaches children not to be fearful or ashamed of their psychic gifts, and how to pull their inner strength from spirit to continue their mission as lightworkers on the planet. Nikki has written multiple books on parenting psychic children, and has recently published an inspirational calendar for teens. She offers angel readings and counseling for parents of psychic children.

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