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Weekly show on spirituality and metaphysics, hosted by Kim Polinder. Interviews with experts on topics such as psychics, acupuncture, astrology, and various energy healing modalities.
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Dec 20, 2016

Episode 21: This week's episode talks about the nature of soul contracts, and how they can play out in your relationships and career. There are many elements in a soul contract, such as karma, love spells, and energetic marriage, to name a few. Kim interviews Carla Cadotte, who specializes in clearing soul contracts for clients. Carla discusses how clearing soul contracts has made huge impacts both in her personal life and in the lives of her clients.

Carla Cadotte is a psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, ThetaHealingĀ® Practitioner, Reiki Master, Intuitive Counselor, Crystal Healer, and Sound Healing Practitioner.

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Dec 6, 2016

Episode 19: Can the healing effects of energy be harnessed into a physical object? Kim interviews Richard Gordon, who founded the energy healing modality, Quantum Touch. Richard discusses the principles behind Quantum Touch and how it differs from modalities such as Reiki. Richard also talks about the energy pendant he developed, which has the potential to alleviate physical pain in the body.

Richard Gordon is the founder of the energy healing modality, Quantum Touch, as well as the author of many widely read books. Richard had powerful energy healing experiences when he was young, which led him to attend the Christos School of Natural Healing in New Mexico, in the early '70s. While studying at the school, he discovered healing energy around his hands. He was introduced to Polarity Therapy which led to a wide range of further discoveries, including the creation of Quantum Touch.

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