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Weekly show on spirituality and metaphysics, hosted by Kim Polinder. Interviews with experts on topics such as psychics, acupuncture, astrology, and various energy healing modalities.
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Oct 25, 2016

Episode 013: The Emotion Code is a healing modality based upon the premise that we have trapped emotions from traumatic events in our lives. In Dr. Nelson's experience, releasing trapped emotions can alleviate symptoms and diseases, as well as heal emotional wounds. Kim talks to Dr. Nelson about how he became involved with energy healing, and why he believes the Emotion Code is such a powerful process. Dr. Nelson's book, The Emotion Code, is now offered for free online.

Dr. Bradley Nelson was born and raised in Great Falls, Montana. He began his career in computer programming but decided instead to attend chiropractic school. Dr. Nelson graduated with honors from Life Chiropractic College West, in San Lorenzo, California in 1988. As a practicing holistic physician, Dr. Nelson specialized in helping those suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, and successfully treated patients from across the United States and Canada until his retirement from active practice in 2004. For the past 24 years, Dr. Nelson has lectured internationally on the healing of chronic and incurable diseases through energy work and restoring balance to the 6 key elements of health in the body. In 2009 he channeled his life’s work into a simple yet powerful self-study course known as “The Body Code” system, which teaches students how to balance the body in these 6 key areas. The Body Code is being used successfully by doctors and laypeople alike to improve the health of thousands of people all over the world. Dr. Nelson is an acclaimed and popular speaker on the international seminar circuit, and now travels to many countries around the globe, teaching “The Emotion Code” Seminar.

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Oct 18, 2016

Episode 12: How Medical Intuitive, Michelle Giliberto, uses vibrations to counteract illness and disease. Michelle's vibrational therapy is based upon the idea that every illness operates at a certain frequency, or vibration--to treat that illness, she sends the counter-frequency to the person experiencing the illness. Michelle also assists clients in clearing beliefs from the subconscious mind that may be contributing to the issues in the body. Michelle has used vibrational therapy to counteract chronic afflictions in both of her children, and is a pioneer for alternative medical research, in both children and adults.

Michelle Giliberto graduated with a Bachelors in Communications from Boston University, and her initial career was in Marketing Operations for various financial institutions. But due to the health challenges of her children, she became very involved with the medical world. She now practices as a medical intuitive, and has created her own unique way of healing based on vibrational therapy, Thetahealing, and Reiki. She is also a co-founder and board member of the non-profit organization, Epidemic Answers, which connects parents and caregivers to recovery solutions for children with chronic illness.

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Oct 11, 2016

Episode 11 discusses how language in the spirituality world can create somewhat of a barrier to those who are unfamiliar with the terms--and turned off by the 'out there' labels such as chakras, auras, and higher self. Kim interviews Amy Morgan, who uses a combination of hypnosis, reiki, and earth based energies using her hands. Amy has a tech background, and brings a very left-brained pragmatic perspective to energy healing. She readily admits that she's not sure how her energy healing works--just that it does. Amy is also trained in hypnosis, and discusses how 'reprogramming' the subconscious mind can assist with emotional healing.

Amy Morgan graduated from the Northwest School of Healing where she was trained in Barbara Brennan techniques, body-based psychotherapy, inner child work, and reiki master training through the lineage of Iris Ishakura.

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Oct 4, 2016

Episode 10 explores the basics of essential oils. How long have they been used? Why do people think they work, and what are the different uses for them? Kim interviews Alexandra Howe, who is a health coach who incorporates essential oils into her wellness programs.

Alexandra Howe was born and raised in Washington state. She was a preschool teacher in a Reggio Emilia inspired program for 9 years, and then lived in Oahu for 5 years. She attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition for Holistic Health Coaching, and recently moved back to Gig Harbor, WA, where she is expanding her health and wellness coaching.

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