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Weekly show on spirituality and metaphysics, hosted by Kim Polinder. Interviews with experts on topics such as psychics, acupuncture, astrology, and various energy healing modalities.
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Nov 1, 2016

Episode 14: This episode covers the beginnings of chiropractic and why it has never garnered a lot of respect from the medical industry. Kim interviews Dr. Stanton Hom, who discusses the intentions of chiropractic, and how all of the body systems are so dependent upon the health and alignment of the spine. Dr Stan talks about his work with prenatal and pediatric clients, and how adjustments during pregnancy can greatly assist in the health of the baby.

Dr. Stanton Hom grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles and claims to be a ‘global’ Southern Californian. His parents raised him with a balance of American and Asian culture which included a conservative approach to health and healing. Dr. Stan enrolled in West Point, where he studied Life Science and Mechanical Engineering. In 2010, he graduated cum laude from the Southern California University of Health Sciences. Dr. Stan has a whole family practice in Bankers Hill and specializes in Pediatric and Prenatal Care. He has also found a particular passion and skillset for kids with neurobehavioral challenges. Chiropractic techniques he includes are Webster, Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT), Diversified, OTZ, Biogeometric Integration, Gonstead, Cranial-Sacral, Activator, among others.

Because of his diversity in training, Dr. Hom has a unique ability to adapt his technique to meet each patient’s need. He is also trained in functional blood chemistry analysis and for many families in his practice acts as a natural primary care provider. He prides himself on his compassion and kindness, his ability to connect with his patients.

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